Interviews of Albert A. Bartlett

  • Al Bartlett interview by Paul Nachman, published in The Social Contract (Fall, 2005).
  • Al Bartlett interview by Miguel Barbosa, (2009-2010).
  • Al Bartlett interview from Blind Spot documentary movie (2008). Watch the Bartlett interview.
    From the DVD cover: "Blind Spot is a documentary that illustrates the current energy crisis that our way of life is facing. Whatever the measures of greed, wishful thinking, neglect or ignorance, we have put ourselves at a crossroad which offers two paths, both with dire consequences. If we continue to burn fossil fuels we will choke the life out of the planet and if we don't our way of life will collapse."
    Interview segment reproduced with permission of the producer. See more information about the movie Blind Spot.
  • Audio interview of Al Bartlett by George Kenney at Electric Politics. Listen to the original interview (1 hour, 16 minutes). Also see the Electric Politics website (December 14, 2007).
    (In the event that the original interview is not accessable, you can listen to our archive).
  • Audio interview of Al Bartlett by Roger Wendell, KGNU radio, Boulder, Colorado. Listen to the interview (55 minutes) (January 22, 1998).
  • Global Public Media Australian interview part 1 (17 min) - Dr. Bartlett discusses the history and evolution of his presentation "Arithmetic, Population and Energy" and explains how over the years it has come to be more about peak oil than population growth. After exploring the rising awareness of oil depletion, he explains Jevon's paradox and considers the lack of serious regard for the issue of overpopulation (June 22, 2007).
    (If the interview is unavailable, listen to our archive of the interview).
  • Global Public Media Australian interview part 2 (12 min) - Dr. Bartlett discusses family planning, immigration and investment reform programs as possible responses to the population problem. He illustrates how global warming is proof that we've overshot the earth's carrying capacity, and critiques the misuse of the latest buzzword, "sustainable" with his Laws of Sustainability (included in his article Reflections on Sustainability, Population Growth and the Environment) (June 22, 2007).
    (If the interview is unavailable, listen to our archive of the interview).
  • Global Public Media Australian interview part 3 (9 min) - Dr. Bartlett turns his focus to Australia, discussing A Depletion Protocol for Non-Renewable Natural Resources: Australia as an Example. His article quantitatively examines the consequences of a claim by Ian MacFarlane, the Australian Minister of Industry, Tourism, and Resources, that Australia has 110 years' worth of coal supply remaining. Dr. Bartlett also takes to task the state of Queensland's plan for local government reform, showing how it fails to address the real issue and amounts to a loss of democracy. (June 22, 2007).
    (If the interview is unavailable, listen to our archive of the interview).
  • Al Bartlett interview (with video) at the ASPO Peak Oil Conference in Denver (November 10, 2005).
  • Audio comments by Al Bartlett on his work on the Manhattan Project (New York Times interview; audio recordings by Nicole Bengiveno and David Goldman (October 17, 2008).
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